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Nottingham Resident Captures Photos of Bald Eagle

12/31/2014 09:51AM ● Published by Kevin

The third bald eagle sighting on Dec. 15.

Gallery: Reader Submission: Chester County Bald Eagle Sightings - 2014 [10 Images] Click any image to expand.

I have lived in the Nottingham area since 1993 and have never seen a Bald Eagle in my life time.  Until June 23, 2014, on the way to work. 

I usually look to the trees for a hawk that frequents Barnsley and surrounding roads. He always seems to be in a place that I can't pull over. On this day I noticed the white head and did a double take. I found a place to turn around and pulled in a driveway across the street. He was so majestic!

At the time I only had my iPhone, and the pictures were just enough to tell it was an eagle, but nothing more but proof to my employer, who kindly appreciates my hobby. I was 5-10 minutes late to work that day. However, I explained that I saw my first eagle and shared the (not so great) pictures and all was forgiven. 

[He] was more concerned that something had happened to me. I am blessed to have such an understanding and supportive employer. It was actually his idea for me submit my pics to a local paper.

I didn't spot the eagle again until Nov. 13. He was in the same group of trees on Barnsley Road in Nottingham. This time I was prepared with a real camera, given to me in August, by my loving and supportive parents! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

by Randi Lyn Renfroe of Nottingham (note: author submitted more photos from a Dec. 15 spotting, as well. See gallery above for all of the pictures)

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