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Uncle Irv: Teachers' unions rebuked nationally

12/23/2014 02:27PM ● By Richard Gaw

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, teachers unions spent $100 million nationwide on the Nov. 4 elections.

National results indicate that the teachers' union spending was for naught. Educational reformers, including those who oppose teacher tenure and mandatory dues deduction from non-union teachers paychecks, and support for pension reform mostly prevailed.

However, there is no question that teachers' union spending had a big part in the defeat of Gov. Tom Corbett. Teachers' unions political ads painted Corbett as cutting funds for public schools. He did no such thing, but that didn't stop PSEA (the state teachers' union) from negative TV ads against Corbett.

In Pennsylvania, unfortunately, the teachers' union prevailed in defeating Gov. Corbett. However, union spending did not change the Pennsylvania General Assembly, giving education reform a chance to change the landscape.

Teachers and other public employees unions are very dangerous players in the political arena. Soon, taxpayers will wake up and understand what teachers' unions are doing to their property taxes.

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