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Chester County Press

Grant awarded for watershed protection in New Garden

10/29/2014 08:42PM ● By Lev

Rep. Chris Ross announced on Oct. 21 that the Chester County Conservation District was awarded a $61,000 state grant through the Watershed Restoration Protection Program, which will be used to institute agricultural best management practices on three New Garden Township mushroom farms.

The grant was made available through Act 13 of 2012, the Marcellus Legacy Fund. The funding stems from the state's share of proceeds from the impact fee assessed on natural gas drilling. It is used to restore streams impacted by polluted runoff.

“The Chester County Conservation District does a great job of improving the water quality in our streams and the environment generally,” Ross said. “This grant will enable the conservation district to assist mushroom farmers in the protection of groundwater and surface water supplies.”

The total project cost is more than $85,000. Improvements will include enlarging the wastewater storage facilities and treatment systems, modifications to prevent runoff from entering wetlands and streams, and other infrastructure improvements.

“This is exciting news for the citizens of New Garden Township,” Ross said, “and the benefits will flow well beyond its borders. This is just another example of the important work being done by our conservation district.”