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Vote for Schott on these issues

10/08/2014 02:31AM ● By Lev

Letter to the Editor:

Dear voters, if you want:

1.   A fair system of equal payments for public education statewide

2.   Necessary infrastructure repaired and rebuilt and paid for via proper loans

3.   Workers paid a fair, living wage of increased minimum wages

4.   Medicaid available to all the needy people in Pennsylvania

5.   Nnatural gas extractors to pay for all damages to air, land, water, and infrastructure

6.   Labor to have the right to negotiate for fair wages and benefits

7.   The State Legislature decreased in size but still fulltime

8.   The Second Amendment protected yet well regulated for safety

9.   Women to have reproductive freedom

10. Pension promises honored and funded in the future

11. Tom Wolf’s agenda enacted

12. Local control of open space and park lands

13. Child safety emphasized and paid for

14. Drug rehab emphasized more than prison terms

15. Only public ownership of all law enforcement operations

16. Only public education paid for out of public funds

17. Everyone to be able to vote without restrictions

18. Every person’s vote to be equal, regardless of wealth

19. Community policing to be a statewide policy

20. A fair tax system based upon income and ability to pay


Then vote for Ann Schott.


James Sumner



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