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Worthless legislators

09/10/2014 05:39PM ● By Lev

By Uncle Irvin

 The General Assembly, Pennsylvania's answer to Congressional gridlock, adjourned without a real – which is to say not artificially balanced -- budget, and without producing changes in the liquor distribution system and public employer pension reform, among many other needed changes.

This record is nothing new for these so called full-time lawmakers, most of whom have other jobs (which is not illegal) and make well over $150,000 per year. Sadly, most voters don't know squat and continue to blindly re-elect incumbents.

This habit is not going to produce needed change, even though a vast majority of voters want to buy their wine at a fully stocked store like in Delaware (where everyone around here goes). Voters do not want to see public employee pension plans raise their taxes, and most voters don't want public school teachers and other government workers to be forced to join their union and pay dues.

While our governor wants to fix these problems, our legislators don't – so, gridlock.

If you want change, don't vote for an incumbent state House or Senate member in the November election. I repeat, do not support any incumbent state House or Senate member. Defeat them on Election Day and maybe their replacements will get the message. Don't vote for Senators Dominic Pileggi and Andrew Dinniman or State Representative John Lawrence.

In the 158th House District, Chris Ross has done us a favor by not running, leaving a choice between newcomers Cuyler Walker (r) and Susan Rzucidlo (d).

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