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Heathland sticking it to London Grove

08/27/2014 06:32PM ● By Lev

By Uncle Irvin

Heathland is the management firm hired to run Inniscrone, London Grove Township's golf course/spray field.

London Grove supervisors past and present have invested $1.6 million in the form of bank loans guaranteed by the taxpayers of London Grove Township into Inniscrone.

A businessman named Bob Wurtz, Heathland's CEO, outsmarted London Grove supervisors, led by a self-proclaimed successful businessman named David Connors.  Wurtz negotiated a contract to manage Inniscrone for rent payments that would approximate the interest and amortization of the township $1.6 million bank loan.

But Wurtz hoodwinked Connors into a contract where London Grove Township is financially responsible for any losses accrued by Inniscrone!

London Grove just paid Heathland $37,000 to cover a loss incurred by the golf course.

This is the same David Connors who sued the previous manager of Inniscrone, Lori Van Sickle -- a suit which was settled by the plaintiff (London Grove Township) paying Van Sickle (the defendant) financial damages for improper termination. It was paid for by London Grove taxpayers, a situation that never should happen.

If you sue somebody, you are supposed to get the money.

Pennsylvania provides for a surcharge that can be imposed on municipal officials, whereby the supervisors of London Grove would have to reimburse the township from their own funds for squandering taxpayer money by mismanagement. This procedure can be implemented by the township auditor or by taxpayers. Connors' mismanagement has already cost London Grove taxpayers more than $100,000, all from Connors' decision regarding Inniscrone.

London Grove Township taxpayers should wake up and see what Connors is doing with their money.

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