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Are New Garden supervisors illiterate?

08/06/2014 04:54PM ● By Lev

By Uncle Irvin

New Garden Township, the largest township in the area, is still the only municipality without a dedicated Bayard Taylor Library tax. All other municipalities have long ago added fractional millage to support the library.

Libraries are free but have expenses, salaries, etc., that need to be paid regularly, and they need a predictable income – thus a dedicated tax, a tiny, tiny portion of the municipal property tax.

Residents who are literate should demand that their supervisors, who act illiterately, put a millage increase in the 2015 budget instead of kicking the can down the road via a 2015 referendum which would postpone for a full year any predictable income from New Garden.

New Garden supervisor dunces who are sitting on their hands are:

Betty Gordon

J. Patrick Little

Stephen Allaband

Randy Geouque

Richard Ayotte

New Garden residents should hang their heads in shame for being the only municipality not to support the Bayard Taylor Library with a dedicated tax!

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