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Library should stay in the borough

06/04/2014 10:48AM, Published by ACL, Categories: Opinion

Letter to the Editor:

My wife and I discovered the charms of Kennett Square ten years ago and have watched it improve every year. Lately it was voted on of the country's "coolest small towns" in a national survey. Unfortunately, that sense of a vibrant small town  is greatly threatened by the Bayard Taylor Library's decision to move out of town to the land they had purchased many years ago. The only reason stated in the past has been parking, which can be addressed in the borough in many different ways, which have already been proposed and are viable. Further, only a year ago the Board unanimously voted to build their much-needed new facility in town, but they have not explained why suddenly they have voted unanimously to move.

As a frequent visitor the the library, I am always impressed by the diversity of people who come there for all kinds of reasons, including the children who go there after school as a safe place to hang out instead of being at home or out on the streets. Many families ride bikes there or walk in good weather. Certainly, people driving in to the library also often frequent restaurants and other small businesses or vice versa, all helping each other and adding to the town's charm. As for parking, I often drive there and have never once had to park more than a block away.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the library and its board never asked the public for comments before making this decision, which will negatively affect the borough for decades to come. West Grove wisely located its beautiful new library in the heart of town. Oxford's library is in town also. There is no reason why Kennett cannot do the same.

I hope that all who care about the borough's future will express your displeasure at this unfortunate decision, which can still be reversed. 

You can also post comments on the Library facebook page at or your own facebook page, referencing the library, and a link to your comment will post on the library page.

I think a much more convenient location for the library can be found which will meet everyone's needs if only the board will listen to the concerns of its patrons and the residents of the borough.

Tom Hammer

Bayard Taylor Memorial Library patron

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