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Pitts picks discredited philosophy over people

02/19/2014 06:40PM ● By ACL

Letter to the Editor:

Joe Pitts proved once again that he cares more for a discredited and un-Christian philosophy than for real people when he voted against extending unemployment insurance last week.  It has been shown over and over that the vast majority of people on unemployment are not undeserving slackers.  First, the amount of insurance is barely enough to survive on, and life on unemployment is not pleasant.  In addition, it is well documented that there are at least three people looking for work for every job opening.  It's a myth that people on unemployment are lazy bums.  They are people who need help to get over a rough patch, and Pitts is hueting his unemployed constituents with his vote.  He may mouth platitudes about reducing the deficit, but it's coming down fast,  and many people on unemployment need help now.  Pitts should care, for a change.


Marice Bezdek

Kennett Square

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