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The American Dream

10/03/2013 06:10PM ● By ACL

By Bryan Golden

The American Dream is freedom.  Freedom from oppression, tyranny, and subjugation.  Freedom from dictatorial individuals and government.  Freedom to control your destiny.  Freedom to benefit from your hard work and creativity.  Freedom to succeed or fail.  Freedom to determine your level of prosperity. 

The American Dream was established on the principle that, for the first time in human history, a country was established with a government designed to be a servant of the people. The American Dream is one of self-sufficiency, not government dependence and control. 

The American Dream cultivates the limitless power of the individual to build, create, discover, invent, and innovate.  The American Dream is the pioneer spirit that motivates people to succeed against all odds in order to do what has never been done before.

Prior to America’s founding, countries around the world had been so oppressed by totalitarian regimes that individual freedom was an unknown concept.  One's position in life was determined by those in power.  There was no hope of a better existence.  An individual had no control over his destiny no matter how hard he worked.  The position someone was born into was where they remained for life.  The American Dream recognized the equality of each person as being an inalienable right.  It didn't matter who you were or where you started, you could go anywhere.

The American Dream is simple.  It puts the destiny of every individual into their own hands.  Each person is free to benefit directly from their efforts.  The American Dream taps into the essence of human nature; when people have the freedom to determine their own destiny, productivity flourishes.

The American Dream unleashed the power of the individual as never before.  In less than 200 years from our founding, America had surpassed all other nations in wealth, production, and innovation.  Americans have created and maintained the highest standard of living ever known.

The American Dream attracts people from every other country because of its unparalleled liberty.  The American Dream is one of equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.  The regimes people escaped from all proved that the only outcome that can be guaranteed is the equal distribution of misery.

Every American benefits from The American Dream.  Success has a positive impact on all.  It creates a vibrant, growing society filled with opportunity.  People are willing to work hard when they are free to benefit from their efforts and able to retain the fruits of their labor.

Nothing is better than The American Dream where each individual has the right and freedom to determine their own life.  What is the alternative?  Is it being told what you can and cannot do?  Is it having some person or government deciding what is fair for you to have?

There are those who don’t like The American Dream.  The reasons are many: greed, power, control, or the destruction of our country.  Regardless of their motives, the result if they are successful is the same; the loss of freedom and the inability to control your life and destiny.

Although it's difficult to believe that anyone could be opposed to liberty, both history and current events clearly demonstrate that those who want to destroy The American Dream exist and are determined to subvert your freedom. 

The ever-present threat to The American Dream is people who believe the government should control you, dictate how you live, and determine what is permitted.  These power hungry authoritarians seek to enrich themselves by creating laws designed to confiscate the results of your hard work.  The American Dream attracts vermin who view government as an opportunity to enrich themselves by confiscating wealth from others.  The success of the productive attracts economic parasites.

The American Dream requires your constant care, vigilance, and support to keep it alive.  Freedom is your right, but it isn’t free.  Take it for granted, and it will vanish.  No one has the right to steal your American Dream.  Stand up for liberty and reject anyone who wants to take it from you.  You are The American Dream. 

Bryan is the author of "Dare to Live Without Limits."  Contact Bryan at or visit

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