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Toss up

07/17/2013 11:31AM ● By ACL

By Uncle Irvin


Congress and the Pennsylvania General Assembly are competing to be the worst legislative body in the world.

Nothing goes on of any importance to the people in either Washington or Harrisburg. The performance of the General Assembly in the last week of June was a classic disaster.

Yes, a budget was passed, but liquor privatization, transportation funding and pension reforms were left in the dust. They were not even voted on by both the House and Senate.

That means that State Rep. Chris Ross, State Rep. John Lawrence and State Sen. Dominic Pileggi let us down. along with their cronies, the 253 members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Congressmen Joe Pitts and Pat Meehan continue to do nothing as back-benchers who have no legislative clout.

How can grown men and women run for the Legislature and Congress and, when elected, do nothing but collect their salary, healthcare and expenses?