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DEA is the answer

07/03/2013 01:58PM ● By ACL

By Uncle Irvin


Yes, heroin is a real social problem and it is heartening to see increased public awareness.

Uncle Irvin has a suggestion for these groups, as well as District Attorney Tom Hogan, and the state and local police. Get Congressmen Pat Meehan and Joe Pitts into the equation to energize the only federal agency that can eliminate heroin by arresting importers and distributors. The only way to stamp out the infection is to get the DEA, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, into the act, and fast.

It is virtually useless and a waste of time and money to lock up local drug dealers. They are maggots that are easily replaced by criminals up the food chain.

The DEA has the resources and experience to rid our area of heroin, as well as crack cocaine, amphetamines and other illegal and dangerous drugs by locking up the big boys. Representatives Pitts and Meehan must be blind, so it's up to this newspaper and other concerned residents to push their buttons.

I'm sorry to say that citizen groups and local law enforcement can't get the job done without the DEA.

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