As the fire chief of the Kennett Fire Company, Steve Melton is accustomed to protecting and serving the residents of Kennett Square. So one day last October, when he noticed a person who looked like a suspect in a burglary that the Kennett Square Police Department was investigating, he didn't think twice about contacting the police and keeping an eye on the suspect until they could arrive.

On Monday night, Kennett Square Mayor Matt Fetick and Police Chief Edward Zunino presented Melton with the Citizen Commendation Award for 2012 because of the role that he played in helping the police make an arrest. Another Kennett Square resident, Robert Whiteside, received the same award this year because he was the one who gave police the description of the burglary suspect. “Steve is an incredible servant of Kennett Square,” Fetick said as he presented Melton with the award.

Zunino said that when Melton learned that he was receiving the award he asked if it could be done in private because he didn't want the attention, but the mayor and chief insisted that Melton's service to Kennett Square should be recognized publicly.