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Avon Grove Awards and Scholarships

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ALEX GARDNER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP  A $500 scholarship given to an outstanding senior instrumentalist who intends to continue their music education.  (Samuel Heiger)


ALEX H. WEEKS SCIENCE AWARD – An award presented by the science department to a senior outstanding in science and planning to major in this field.  (Justin Ramberger)


ALMA NEWLIN SCHOLARSHIP – Scholarships awarded to students planning to pursue a career in healthcare.  (Shannon Carroll, Taylor Este, Matthew Kelly, Jessica Lee, Christopher McLimans, Sarita March, Brooke Martin, Brenna Waite)


AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICS TEACHERS OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD – An award given to the top student in AP Physics.  (Justin Ramberger)


AMERICAN MUSHROOM INSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIP – Scholarships presented to students pursuing a post high school education, such as a two-year technological school, a three-year nursing program, or a four-year college or university.  (Daniel Cordova Bernal, Melinda Meute, Justin Ramberger)


ARMY SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARD – An award given to a student who has demonstrated excellence in both academics and athletics given by the Department of the Army. (Jillian Rooney)


ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE AWARDPresented by the United States Marines Youth Foundation, Incorporated and the Marine Corps League to two high school seniors who are deserving varsity athletes.  (Timothy Douglas, Kirsten Smith)


AUSTIN E. PYLE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student planning to pursue a major in business, a building trade, or architecture.  (Donald Needham)


AVON GROVE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION – One $500 scholarship awarded to a cooperative student who has good scholarship, a good chance to succeed in college, and who intends to enter the teaching profession.  (Sarah Jones)


AVON GROVE FACULTY CITIZENSHIP AWARD – Four awards given to the seniors who exhibit the most outstanding qualities of citizenship.  (Dale Hogan, Anne Lertola, Christopher McGovern, Christopher Persaud)


AVON GROVE FLAG FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student who has participated or volunteered for the Avon Grove Flag Football League.  (Bradley Klesius)


AVON GROVE HIGH SCHOOL PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL – A scholarship awarded to a deserving student who plans to attend college, trade, or technical school.  (Alyssa Francis)                


BACCALAUREATE SCHOLARSHIP $500 scholarships given to three seniors who reflect commitment to God, church, and the community and intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a human service field.  (Dale Hogan, Sarita March, Brooke Martin)


BOB SCHWING MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship awarded to a senior band member who has shown interest in and enthusiasm for the high school band program.  (Lindsey Woods)


CECIL E. TATE SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship in the amount of $500 awarded each year to a deserving senior presently enrolled in either CCIU services or district-run classes, regardless of exceptionality.  The recipient may use the scholarship to help defray costs relating to post-secondary education.  (Joseph Nash)


CHARLES R. WHITE SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship awarded to an outstanding male or female athlete. This scholarship is based on athletic achievement, ethical behavior and a high level of sportsmanship.  (Kyle Daly)


CHESTER COUNTY SCHOOL NURSES SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship awarded to a high school senior who is planning to enter a BSN or RN nursing program upon graduation from high school.  (Shannon Carroll, Sarita March) 


DAVE REYNOLDS SCHOLARSHIP - A $250 scholarship given to an outstanding senior instrumentalist.  (Connor Lamson)


DON BAIN REYNOLDS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Two $1,000 scholarships awarded to deserving students who have been members of either the softball or baseball team.  (Nicholas Keeley, Alexandria Ruf)


DOROTHY H. BARNETT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Two $1,000 scholarships awarded to students who plan to major in education.  (Kathryn McLaughlin, Amie Roetz)


DOT KROPF & BETSEY WALKER TENNIS SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student who has participated two or more years on the tennis team.  (Lindsey Woods)


EDDIE GEIGER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student.   (Justin Ramberger)


EDWARD C. REILLY HISTORY AWARD – An award presented to a student who has demonstrated a passion for history and a curiosity about current issues.  (Nathan Horton)


EDWARD STRAWHECKER MEMORIAL AWARD – A $200 award given to a senior who is outstanding in community service.  (Morgan Kretzig)


E. KNEALE DOCKSTADER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPThe E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation was formed by the Directors of the SECCRA Community Landfill to honor and carry on the legacy of E. Kneale Dockstader who served his community for over 30 years on the SECCRA Board of directors.  Kneale resided in southern Chester County for over fifty years, raised his four children here and served his community in a variety of activities like Church, Lions club and of course SECCRA.   The Foundation endeavors to carry on Kneale’s legacy of community service by making grants and scholarships for projects and worthy students in southern Chester County.  The Board of Directors of the Foundation are proud to inaugurate this scholarship to a deserving student seeking a higher education in the environmental sciences. (Kirsten Smith)


ELIZABETH B. FARIS SCHOLARSHIP$4,000 scholarships awarded to deserving students attending a four-year, non-denominational school, who are studying classical arts, environmental protection, or architecture. (Nicole Cimabue, Derek Cote, Ashley Denson, Taylor Dorn, Galen Gerber, Samantha Malone, Michael Mayen, Samantha Rand, Alexandria Vivar)


EMMA ROONEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student living in West Grove Borough.  (Megan Lytle)


ENGLISH DEPARTMENT AWARD – An award given to a senior who has excelled in four years of high school expository and creative writing, who has indicated an appreciation for and understanding of good literature, and who will probably continue to develop his or her talents in language and literature.  (Julia Wright)


ESTHER V. GROFT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student planning to major in business.  (Melinda Meute)


FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES AWARDAn award presented to the graduating senior who has successfully completed the greatest number of courses within the department and maintained the highest cumulative grade point average.  (Emily Lange)


FLORA HECTOR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving African American student.  (Nicholas Pierce)


FOREIGN LANGUAGE AWARD – An award given to the senior who is outstanding in scholastic ability, has a commendable attitude toward their class work, and who has extraordinary skill in applying this knowledge to writing, reading, and speaking of a foreign language.

(French – Sophie Boddorff, German – Rachelle Schneider, Italian – Nicole Cimabue, Spanish –Dale Hogan)


HARVEY CHASE BASEBALL SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship awarded to a senior baseball player who has a strong passion for the game of baseball and would like to pursue playing at the next level.  (Christopher Long)


HELEN CORSON PEACE AWARD – A $300 award sponsored by the peace committee of the London Grove Friends Meeting, which is given to a senior who by attitude or actions advocates or promotes the resolution of conflicts in a non-violent manner.  (Amy Mellinger)


JEANE (GENE) S & MABEL TRENT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student majoring in history or education.  (William Brad Lytle)


JOHN & MARY DiCECCO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship given to a male student who has demonstrated outstanding academic potential.   (Daniel Cordova Bernal)


JOHN PHILIP SOUSA AWARD – An award presented in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires.  (James R. Kennedy)


JOHN T. CRAWFORD MEMORIAL AWARD – A $2,000 award given to a senior, who is involved in community service, shows scholastic ability, and will pursue a career in an emergency services or community services field.  (Joseph Nash)


KEMBLESVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOLARSHIP – Two $1,000 scholarships awarded to one male and one female student with the most points who attended Penn London Elementary School.  (Allan Fausnaught, Ariel Pastore-Sebring)


LATHIE & ISA LESTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student who will go on to study agriculture, horticulture or a health care field.  (Kelly Farrow)


LAUREN’S HEART SCHOLARSHIP – A $500 scholarship awarded to a deserving female student who, in the judgment of the Lauren’s Heart Scholarship Committee, best meets the following requirements:  Demonstrates Lauren’s big heart, love, and compassion; attending a post-secondary institution, enrolled in a college program, curriculum, or track that will benefit children and/or animals, and has a strong spirit of volunteerism/motivation to help others.  (Hope Knudsen)


LAWRENCE AND HAZEL WALTMAN SCHOLARSHIP – A $2,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student planning to major in the field of agriculture, including Dairy, Animal Husbandry, Agronomy, and Large Animal Veterinary Medicine.  (Charles Trice)


LONDON GROVE GRANGE SCHOLARSHIP – A $300 scholarship given to a senior boy or girl who plans to enter agriculture, or a field related to agriculture or nursing.  (Charles Trice)


LOUIS ARMSTRONG JAZZ AWARD – An award presented in recognition of outstanding achievement by an instrumentalist in the field of jazz, as demonstrated through superior musicianship, character, and individual creativity.  (Connor Carr)


MARIE TRYENS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship awarded to a deserving student who intends to enter the nursing profession.  (Sarita March)


MARY ALLISON LANG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Two $1,000 scholarships given by Frederic A. Lang, to the senior boy and senior girl with the highest scholastic average.  (Charles Trouba, Karen Wells)  


MATHEMATICS AWARD – An award presented to the most outstanding mathematics student.  (Anne Lertola)


MEGAN A. KILMER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a female student involved in the community and school.  (Aubrey Smyser) 


MCC COOPERATIVE DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS AWARD – An award given to a student who exhibits a positive attitude towards work.  (Delanna Mowrer)


MICHALENE CASULA CHABON BUSINESS AWARD – An award given to a student who demonstrates those traits necessary to succeed in the business world.  (Bradley Gimbernat)


NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP – Two $300 scholarships awarded to senior National Honor Society members who best exemplify the four pillars of the National Honor Society:  scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  (Savanna Ledford, Alexandria Ruf)


NEW GARDEN FRIENDS MEETING SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship given to a student who has worked hard to achieve academically, shows consistent effort at self-improvement and contributes in positive ways to the high school.  (Shannon Carroll)


NICHOLAS CHABON MUSIC AWARD - An award given to a student who is serious about his or her music and expects to pursue a career in the music field.  (Julia Wright)


ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR AWARD – A $300 award presented to a female student who exemplifies integrity, character and high morals in her every day life.  (Carrigan Braun)


PAUL J. BOVE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $500 scholarship given to a deserving senior who plans to enter college or technical school.  (Morgan Munyan)


PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS – Awards presented to the seniors who have had perfect attendance for at least four years.  (4 Years:  Ashley Denson, Allan Fausnaught, Sarita March8 Years:  Connor Carr, Amy Mellinger)


SCHOLASTIC EXCELLENCE AWARD – An award presented by the United States Marines Youth Foundation, Incorporated and the Marine Corps League to two high school seniors recognized as distinguished scholars.  The nominees are exemplary young citizens and role models for other students, as well as leaders.  (Charles Trouba, Karen Wells)


SCHRAMM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP – A $500 award presented to Chester County public high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education in business or engineering.  (Justin Ramberger)


'SEMPER FIDELIS' AWARD FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE – An award presented by the United States Marines Youth Foundation, Incorporated and the Marine Corps League in recognition of diligence, dedication and musical excellence as a performing high school bandsman.  (Ryan Cowan)


SOCIAL STUDIES AWARD – An award presented to a senior outstanding in social studies, who best exhibits those qualities of citizenship that are essential to the perpetuation of our democracy.  (Sarita March)


SOUTHERN CHESTER COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving graduating senior who will continue his/her education and major in business or a business-related field.  (Nathan Horton)


STEPHANIE MALBONE DELCAMPO MEMORIAL ART SCHOLARSHIP – A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 presented to an outstanding senior pursuing a career in art, selected by the Avon Grove High School art department.  Stephanie was a 2002 graduate of AGHS, who excelled in art. She graduated from the DCAD in Wilmington, DE, with an Associate degree in art, and from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art.  (Sarah Celona)


STEPHEN JOHN BARE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student pursuing a career in a trade or technical field and attending a two year trade or technical school.  (Daniel Bush)


SUSAN DeCECCO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship given to a female student who has demonstrated outstanding academic potential.  (Kristine Fenstermacher)


THOMAS & GERRY SHAW SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student.  (Daniel Cordova Bernal)


TRI-M LEARDERSHIP SCHOLARSHIPAn award of $350 given to a Tri-M Member who demonstrates leadership and service within the music program and community.  (Julia Wright)


TRI-M MUSIC MAJOR SCHOLARSHIPTwo awards of $450 given to Avon Grove music department graduates who plan to major in music in college.  (Samuel Heiger, Julia Wright)


VFW POST #5467 -- KENNETT SQUARE – A $250 scholarship awarded to a senior who plans to continue his or her education.  (Kevin Wonchoba)


W. DOUGLAS WHITE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – A $500 scholarship given to a deserving band, choir, or orchestra student.  The student does not necessarily have to be pursuing a major in music.  (Julia Wright)


WEST GROVE-AVONDALE ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP – A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student who demonstrates service to the school and community.  (Ryan Wiesenberg)

ACTIVITY AWARD  (Alexandria Ruf)


ATHLETIC AWARD  (Ariel Pastore-Sebring)




PRINCIPAL'S AWARD  (Ariel Pastore-Sebring)


Avon Grove Scholarship Foundation Named Awards


Austin E. Pyle, Jr. was a life long resident of the Avon Grove community.  He attended Avon Grove High School and was on an undefeated and unscored upon soccer team.  He played baseball and basketball as well as participating in the school plays.  After high school he served his country in WW2 as a Seabee in the South Pacific.  He was the founder and president of Pyle’s Home and Supply Company in Avondale.  “Buck” as his friends knew him was a member of the Lions Club International for 36 years and never missed a meeting.


Don Bain Reynolds was born and raised in West Grove.  He graduated from Avon Grove High School and the University of Delaware.  He served in the U.S. Army in Korea and later became a successful business owner.  He and his wife Elaine believed strongly in the value of education and the importance of contributing to the community.  Don’s mother Elizabeth Fairlamb Reynolds was a former principal of Avon Grove, her picture is on the top left at the auditorium entrance.


Dorothy H. Barnett was born Dorothy Hopkins, January 16, 1911 in West Grove.  She attended West Grove High School and continued her education at the West Chester Normal School.  She taught Sunday school at the West Grove Presbyterian Church and taught second grade at the Avon Grove Elementary School from 1958 until 1976 when she retired.  She had a great interest in teaching and especially in her students.  She was married to Walter Barnett, a barber in Oxford, and had a son, Robert who still resides in West Grove.


The USTA slogan, “The Sport of a Lifetime” couldn’t suit anyone more aptly than Dorothy Kropf.  She has been involved in the game of tennis since she was ten years old.  She has been a teaching professional for twenty years, as well as a player, volunteer, and umpire.  Many students and adults have benefited from her many years of service to the Avon Grove Tennis Association Summer Tennis Program.  Dot passed away on May 10, 2000 after a long battle with cancer.  Betsy Walker was the first president of the Avon Grove Tennis Association, which was founded in 1972.  Since then she has organized and been captain of the Chester County Women’s Tennis Team.  Betsy and Dot Kropf have been chairpersons of the Tennis Tour for twenty-five years.  The tour is a mixed doubles round robin held each June as a fundraiser for the local junior tennis programs.


Eddie Geiger was a fun loving, active 12-year-old who loved basketball, soccer and baseball.  Drawing trucks and spaceships was a great pastime as well as teasing his sister, Kathy.  At a younger age he was active in cub scouts and playing with his buddies.  He enjoyed working with his Dad in the garage.  He liked the outdoors, especially his last class trip to Hopewell Village.  The fact that he and a classmate beat Miss Sherman back to shore was the highlight of his trip.  He will be forever in our hearts.


Elizabeth B. Faris lived in Avondale with her husband.  The Avon Grove Scholarship Foundation was one of the grateful beneficiaries of her estate.  She was concerned for the preservation of our natural resources and the encouragement of studies in the classical arts such as ballet, music, painting, writing, and architecture.  Her scholarships go to students pursuing careers in these areas who also meet other specific criteria.


Emma Rooney lived with her husband on a farm directly across from New London Academy.  She was well read and had a great appreciation for the importance of education.


Esther V. Groft was born in 1917 of Italian immigrant parents.  Esther, her five brothers and four sisters were raised in the West Grove area where her parents instilled in them a strong work ethic and devotion to family.  These values stayed with her throughout her entire life.  Esther is remembered for her work at the Avondale Bank, volunteering at St. Mary’s, and as treasurer of the United Way.  We, her family, would like to offer a student, from the community she loved, the chance to continue her work by utilizing their talents to do their best and have a full and rewarding life. 


“It takes a village to raise a child” is a quote that is still used all over the country by organizations that care for the welfare of children.  This best describes Flora Hector.  She worked hard and gave of herself unselfishly to help improve our community.  Flora’s path touched many lives.  Individuals, both young and old, will remember her unique impact for what she preached was how she lived and shared her life.


Jean “Gene” Trent was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1926 at Rose Hill, Lee County, Virginia.  He died September 3, 1996.  He lived with his family in Landenberg.  He left high school to join the army in 1945.  He completed his GED in the army.  He served in the Philippines in World War II and the Korean Conflict. He was honorably discharged in 1955 with a rank of Sergeant.  He worked for General Motors from 1955 until he retired in 1986.  He was an avid reader of history and liked to read the encyclopedia.


Lathie W. and Isa E. Lester were native Virginians, born in Floyd County in the 1890’s.  They were married in 1917 and raised four sons and three daughters.  Mr. Lester was a World War I veteran and served in France.  In 1930 they bought the Carroll Farm and settled in New London Township.  Mr. Lester farmed and operated a sawmill.  Mrs. Lester loved gardening and had many beautiful and unusual plants.  She was an active member of the West Grove Garden Club for many years.  Both were active members of the New London Presbyterian Church.


Lawrence Waltman moved to Jennersville in 1928 and attended Charlton, a one room schoolhouse.  In 1939 with the help of some Amish farmers he built a stage and converted his 100 acre farm into Sunset Park.  They featured Nashville talent every Sunday through each summer.  Entertainers like Roy Acuff, George Jones, Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Randy Travis, Charlie Pride, and George Strait performed there.  The Park ran for 56 years closing in 1995.  Lawrence also served on the Penn Township school board and two terms on the unified Avon Grove school board.  Hazel Waltman was born in Virginia and moved to Pennsylvania in 1940.  She worked in a defense plant inspecting antiaircraft shell casings.  She also played and sang country music in local clubs and Sunset Park, and that is where they met, married and had three children.  Scholarship requirements:  Field of agriculture, Dairy, Animal husbandry, Agronomy, Large Animal Veterinary Medicine


The Mary Allison Lang Scholarships were created by Frederic Allison Lang and Joan Goodrich Lang in memory of their daughter, Mary Allison who died in 1952 at the age of four.  Their other children, Jordan, Philip, Christopher and Linda graduated from Avon Grove.  The Lang’s believed strongly in education.  Frederick Lang graduated from the University of Missouri in 1938 and was a mechanical engineer for Dupont for 27 years.  In 1969 he started his own company, manufacturing his inventions for structural tendon systems for construction.  Joan Lang graduated from Smith College in 1939.


Meghan A. Kilmer was a 1994 graduate of Avon Grove High School.  Her class voted her “Most School Spirit and Prettiest Smile”.  She played volleyball, basketball and softball.  She was Freshman Winter Dance Queen, and in the Junior Homecoming Court.  She was also in Student Council and Varsity Club.  She was a member of the Assumption BVM Church and journeyed to Colorado with the youth group in 1993 to see the Pope.  She had completed her sophomore year at Bloomsburg University when she met her untimely death in an automobile accident.  Her organs were donated in the true spirit of her generosity.  All who knew her misses her.


Thomas F. Shaw and Mary R. Shaw have shared a life-long love of education and learning.  Tom graduated from Avon Grove High School and the University of Delaware.  He spent over 25 years as a schoolteacher, and continues as a Sunday school teacher and hunter safety instructor.  Mary graduated from Conestoga High School and attended Millersville State University.  She spent many years tutoring students in reading and math in the Avon Grove schools, and was active in parent-teacher organizations.  Both of their children, Harvey and Stephen, work professionally in education.

Chester County Community Foundation Awards


John DiCecco was born in Italy in 1899 and immigrated to the United States as a young man.  He was a member of the Avon Grove School Board from 1942-53.  He was an active Rotarian, secretary of the Avon Grove Fire Company from 1925-45, later serving as president from 1945-62.  He also served as a counselor of the Chester County Boy Scouts.  In 1957, He received the Avondale-Avon Grove Community Service Award. He and his wife Mary had five children. 

Sue DeCecco was born in 1904 in Philadelphia.  She was a community leader and one of Chester County’s earliest female business professionals.  She was active with the Soroptimists Club, and served as a Republican Committeewoman.


Lauren Michelle Lowe will always be remembered as a bright, determined, and compassionate young woman who lived life to its fullest. Born with a congenital heart condition, life was especially precious to Lauren. She loved children and animals.  Although Lauren's heart condition caused her to face many challenges and miss much time in high school, she persevered and graduated from Avon Grove in 2008. Lauren's Heart Scholarship Foundation, created by Lauren's family, will award an annual scholarship to a deserving female student to celebrate Lauren's humanitarian traits demonstrated by love and compassion; attending a post-secondary institution; enrolled in a program, curriculum, or track that will benefit children and/or animals; and has a strong spirit of volunteerism/motivation to help others.


Charles R. White was named “the greatest Avon Grove Athlete in 50 years” in 1970.  In 1980 he was elected Mayor of Avon Grove.

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