The SmartDrive Foundation recently announced that Oxford Area High School is the Pennsylvania school with the highest number of participants in the 2013 SmartDrive Promise program sponsored by State Farm and Wilmington University. The program awards prom or after-prom money to the school with the greatest number of students signing the SmartDrive Promise in each of the participating states, which also include Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. 

Students signing the Promise pledge to remain drug and alcohol free, drive safely without distractions, to wear their seatbelts and to never put themselves, their passengers or their property in harm’s way. For having the highest number of students signing the promise in Pennsylvania, the high school received $500 for prom-related activities.

Founded in 2005 by Delmarva Broadcasting Company, SmartDrive has served over 50,000 students in 121 high schools in the five participating states. The SmartDrive Foundation is committed to reducing loss of life and property in senseless motor vehicle crashes by providing education and positive reinforcement among drivers through free online and hands-on skills training courses. 

SmartDrive works with parents and schools to reach young drivers through assemblies, in-school and after-school programs, and community events. SmartDrive also offers insurance discounts, scholarships, and incentives to reward students and schools for positive choices and outstanding performance.

The SmartDrive Foundation recently awarded a $500 check for prom-related activities to Oxford Area High School for having the highest number of students signing the 2013 SmartDrive Promise pledge to remain drug-and-alcohol free and to follow all safe driving practices. Pictured from left are Class of 2013 president Lizzy Droz; Tyler Daniel, co-host of Paula and Tyler in the Morning on 103.7 WXCY-FM Wilmington; Class of 2013 historian Elanna Manco and social studies teacher Michael Pietlock, the high school’s Smart Drive program administrator.